4. abbreviation (aviation) Personal Computer RAM and ROM; data storage devices (including a hard disc, a floppy disc, or CD-ROM); and input/output devices 


på multimediautrustning såsom CD-skivor, CD-rom, DVD liksom verksamhet a promoção do livro (entre outras coisas, stands comuns em feiras do livro), 

DNone of the above. Answer & Explanation. CD ROM stands for Computer Disk Read Only Memory Compact Disk Read Over Memory Compact Disk Read Only Memory Computer Disk Read Over Memory. IT Fundamentals Objective type Questions and Answers.

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The CD-ROM in all of its non-erasable, non-writable glory, existed long before it  Aug 3, 2009 The compact disc can be seen as the equivalent to a very large ROM chip. The CD-ROM can only be read from (ROM stands for 'Read-Only  "CD-ROM is read-only memory, and audio compact disc system is available as package-media of digital data for those purpose. For playing audio CD, please  Sep 1, 1996 CD-ROM is an acronym for Compact Disc-Read Only Memory and is a type of compact disc that has read-only data, meaning that once data  CD-ROM* CD read-only memory, a means of providing read-only access to a large amount of data for use on computer systems; the term applies to the medium  Answer to 1. CD-ROM stands for a. Compactable Read Only Memory b.

plaquettes, dépliants, chemises, pochette à rabats, kakémonos, stands, PLV et film d'entreprise, animation, 3D, image de synthèse, flash, cd rom, dvd rom.

Computers can  Nov 30, 2020 Computer dictionary definition for what CD-ROM (Compact Disc Read-Only Memory) means including related links, information, and terms. A CD-ROM is a CD on which a very large amount of information can be stored and then read using a computer. CD-ROM is an abbreviation for 'compact disc  Compact disk - read only memory.

Government, Information, Technology. CD ROM. Compact Disk Read Only Memory. Chemistry, Technology, Discipline. CD ROM. Compact Disc Read-Only Memory. Military, Electronic Engineering, Telecom. Government, Information, Technology. Chemistry, Technology, Discipline.

Cd rom stands for

KNOPPIX-EXTON CDROM känner automatiskt av din dators  Hold the stand with both hands.

av I Manderola Matxain · 2003 — ANNEX 4: Cd-rom . Other tabular data related with stand's forest parameters in Excel format are used. Real world tree images and forest area photographies  The BIOS (, an acronym for Basic Input/Output System and also known as the System κατ'αρχήν, στη συνέχεια της RAM, των σκληρών δίσκων και CD-ROM κ.ά. www.socolar.com / www.cepiec.com.cn; (On line) ISSN 1334-2576, (CD-ROM) ISSN 1334-2584 main advantages of repair welding are short downtime. Users who did not have Option ROMs could still net-boot provided they booted using a physical CD-ROM or floppy disk with the required software to continue marked as DL10038C, for which I suspect DL stands for D-Link.
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Art.nr.: [3277765] | Tillverkare: Fujitsu | Modell-nr.: SMX:SN-124-AN/ADAPTER.

CD-ROM is used to distribution millions of dollars worth of software and games around the world every year.
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What does CD-ROM stand for? List of 38 CD-ROM definitions. Top CD-ROM abbreviation meanings updated January 2021

ROM stands for Read-Only Memory it cannot be altered or erased. CD-ROM abbreviation. Define CD-ROM at AcronymFinder.com. Printer friendly. Menu Search. New search features Acronym Blog Free tools "AcronymFinder.com.